There are 3 methods to claim your order.
     The first method is to claim by using Discord System(1)
    Our Chat Support(2) Or by giving your roblox account information at the cart page before the purchase(3).


You can claim your order by using the Claim System In our Discord Server!

1: Join our Discord Server “Magnificent Murderers 2“.

2: Go to the “Claim Order” channel and read the instructions, you will have to use a command in order to create a private chat between you and the claim manager.

3: Once the private chat is created, our bot will ask you to provide your username and order information, such as a screenshot of your order receipt, your order number and roblox username, please provide the necessary information within 30 minutes.


Scroll down for a detailed video.


You can use the Chat Support and send us a request to claim your order, please provide your order number and screenshot of receipt while sending the claim request, you can also email us at for additional support, you can’t claim via email, only get support. 

On the checkout page just before placing the order, you can add a note via the “Additional Information” box with your account details.

1: You have to provide your ROBLOX username and password, make sure to write the details correctly.

2: The roblox account you provide has to be with unverified email, or we won’t be able to log in into your account and give your order.


We strongly recommend you to provide an alternate account and not your main account!

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